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Court Recorders

Wisetta Neill, CER-7219
Official court recorder for Judge Preston G. Thomas
Connie Viazanko, CER-8505
Official court recorder for Judge Michael C. Martinez
Alicia Wilkerson , CER-7433
Official court recorder for Judge Cynthia T. Walker
Gwendolyn Jefferson, CSR-7127
Official court reporter for Judge Ronda Fowlkes Gross
Each recorder or reporter may prepare transcripts of certain proceedings heard before their respective judge. Types of proceedings may include arraignments, guilty pleas, formal hearings, bench and jury trials, and preliminary examinations in felony cases.
A request for preparation of a transcript must be in writing and must include the name of the case, the case number, and the date the proceedings were heard on the record before the judge. The request must also include a deposit for the estimated cost of the transcript, the estimated cost to be predetermined by the appropriate recorder or reporter. Transcript fees are based on $2.05 per page.